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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Its RIco, not Kowalski!

I got it wrong back in October when I credited Kowalski with carrying the dynamite in the Penguins Christmas Caper adventure. Its not Kowalski, its Rico that carrys the explosives. I know that for certain because I watched the movie again tonight, at home, on my own DVD player!

Yeah, I got the Madagascar movie for Christmas! I must have been a very good boy again this year because Santa Claus and my family were very kind to me. Besides my terrific laptop which I'm using right now, I got a new impact gunfor the workshop, a cold solder tool, a Black & Decker, one-handed tape measure, two pair of slacks, a new shirt and new sweater, the book Failure Is Not An Option and a box full of colorful Hot Wheels cars.

So Santa was very nice to me! The rest of the family made out pretty well with the present haul. The BSU got a nice floor lamp with a natural light bulb that's specially designed for sewing and stitching and a certificate from me promising a fresh bouquet of flowers for every week in 2006. Noah bought her a beret and scarf and matching gloves and I bought her a nightgown that she likes but is too big and that will have to be returned.

Noah got new locking hubs for the Tracker and a deflator device for airing down his tires when off-roading, music and a couple books. He also received a tiny little radio control submarine, just right for extended play times in the tub, perfect for a 21 year old, right?

Kye & Sara & Astin came for a great visit. Astin is standing and just about walking on his own and he crawls non-stop. He's a smiler and he was even friendly with me, though he didn't want me holding him when he wanted to be moving. Astin seemed to really like all the new toys as they were unwrapped. There was a Fisher-Price farmhouse and a Weeble treehouse and several different trucks and car toys, all that seemed to meet with his and his mom's approval. They now have a Sirius car radio to install in their car, some pretty towels one of those emergency flashlights that you just shake to make light up.

Its been a really pleasant day this Christmas Day. I'll upload some pictures a little later.

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